Beach babes, and another castle

Haley, Charlie and jellyfish

The babes in this case are my niece Haley and nephew Charlie, ages five and three, visiting us this Labor Day Weekend with their parents Doug and Lena. Here they are with some moon jellyfish they had fun playing with. We often have large quantities of small moon jellies on our beaches in the summer. When whole, they can sting, but what washes up here is usually just the disk-shaped body minus the stinging tentacles, which is harmless. Occasionally we get larger jellyfish with tentacles, which will sting, so we avoid them, but none of those this year.

Castle front

This weekend was one of near perfect weather for the beach. A little too windy on Saturday, but perfect Sunday, when we spent the whole day there. Doug and I spent lots of time creating this large sand castle. I think it’s one of the most elaborate we’ve done. I made the tallest tower and what’s below it, Doug did much of the rest.

Castle back

Here’s the back, showing the switchback road that Doug made. I did the tower-topping sand-spheres. It’s amazing how they stay up there.

Doug, Todd, the castle

Here are the proud sculptors behind their creation. My brother Doug and his wife Lena are below with their two kids.

Doug and family

Ellen and I had a great time visiting with them this weekend, a nice close to the summer visitor season for us. Now the beach gear has been put away for another year, and we must get back to our regular schedule, with only fond memories and photos to remind us of golden hours at the seaside.

Haley and the castle

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