Before You Read This…

BYRT pencils, blurred

©Neil Gaiman and Todd Klein.

…is the name of the new signed print I’m working on written by Neil Gaiman. Neil delivered the text last week, and I spent most of the weekend pencilling, inking, scanning, and adding gray tones. Above are the pencils, later versions will be revealed as the on-sale time approaches, but I’m once again using the “blurring” thing so those who order can have the pleasure of reading it for the first time when they receive their copy. Neil has approved what I’ve done so far, and now I’m waiting for the paper to arrive so I can begin printing. After that I have to add some white paint to each one. This will be a first printing of 1000 copies that I hope to have ready for sale in June, but that depends on how fast I can paint them, and how soon Neil can sign them, among other things. The process is well underway, though!

I’m opening up my “First Notified” mailing list again today. You can email me HERE if you’d like to be on it (click the EMAIL ME link). If you already put yourself on it for the Alan Moore print, no need to do so again, you’ll still get any news I have for this print when the time comes. A few days before I’m ready to start selling the print, I’ll notify those on the list, to make sure you don’t miss it.

Lots more to do, but we’re getting there!

9 thoughts on “Before You Read This…

  1. Pádraig Ó Méalóid

    Fantastic! This is just the greatest idea, doing this kind of thing. Genuinely desirable one-off objects that are guaranteed to have passed through the authors’ hands, and with all the money flowing back directly to the creators. Will you be limiting these to three per person again, or less?

  2. Todd Post author

    At the moment I’m planning to limit to three per person again, but if I mailing list requests come in over a certain number, I may cut that back to two or one.

  3. Marcel

    Great News Todd! As I bought Alan’s print, do I need to sign up on the “First Notified” list? I will put my name there anyway.

    One question, the printing this time will be the same size as Alan’s? I mean, I would like to frame both and hang them on the wall, I just want to know if they will be the same size.

    Thanks again!

  4. Todd Post author

    If you didn’t sign up for the list for Alan’s print, you need to sign up now. The print will be exactly the same size as Alan’s, though on a different color paper. And in answer to several other email questioners, it will sell for $20.

  5. Laura

    Oooh, I absolutely love it. This will look amazing framed next to my Alan Moore print. Can’t wait to see (and buy) the finished product!

  6. Marcus

    First Alan… and now Neil… is there anyone else worthy enough to join their ranks? Or is this it for these wonderful prints?

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