Belize Day 5: Sun At Last!


Sunday began for us with a drive to Laguna Seca to look for some water birds. It began well, and we saw some good ones, but after about half an hour it began to pour rain again, so we came back to the lodge. After lunch the weather began to clear, and by mid-afternoon the sky was completely clear and sunny, and we had a great birding walk with Marvin on the trails.


Here’s the Violaceous Trogon, one of three of this showy bird family on the grounds. They are about the size of a large pigeon. They eat fruit and move slowly, so can be hard to find, but are a treat when you do.


The butterflies were also out enjoying the sun. I don’t know the name of this one.


There are over 30 birds of several species with the word Ant in their name, so you can guess what they probably eat, and there are plenty of ants here. I have videos of leaf-cutter ants and army ants that I’ll put up later. This is a Red-crowned Ant Tanager. The largest family of birds here, and worldwide, are the flycatchers. We saw quite a few of those.


Here’s a Yellow-fronted Owl Butterfly with characteristic large eye spot.


This is a Black-headed Trogon, similar to the one above, but the markings on the tail are different.


The entrance road to the lodge in the sunshine.


The suspension bridge on the lodge road, which the guides are proud to point out is the second-largest in Belize. We saw lots of great birds in this open area.


On past cloudy and rainy walks we hadn’t even noticed this entrance carving for the lodge, overshadowed by tropical greenery.


Every day at breakfast and lunch we were entertained by the frantic battles of many hummingbirds at the feeders on the lodge verandah. After numerous tries, this is the best photo I could get of a Long-billed Hermit, the mascot bird of the lodge, and the largest hummingbird here.

We’ve loved our time at Chan Chich lodge, and enthusiastically recommend it to nature lovers everywhere. We’re heading home today, with an overnight in Miami tonight, back home Tuesday. I’ll have some videos from the trip to put up eventually, but regular posting should resume by week’s end.

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