Belleplain Color

BelleplainPathThis afternoon Ellen and I walked the trails at nearby Belleplain State Forest looking for fall colors. It’s about a week past the best of it, but we still found enough to enjoy, and the weather was pleasant for November.

MapleOrangeThe maple is king of fall color, but this orange one was already fading.

MapleYellowAnother maple with fading yellows. We don’t get the red in our maple leaves as they do further north.

OakOrangeGenerally our oaks are drably colored, but there are exceptions, especially in the right light.

OakRedOccasionally the oak leaves achieve rich maroons and cherry reds.

YellowLeafSometimes a single leaf in the right place is stunning.

OakLeafSometimes a single leaf is all you need to feel the glory of fall.

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