Belleplain Walks

I’ve been too busy to blog much this week. In addition to my regular work, I’ve helped lead three morning walks in Belleplain State Forest for the Cape May Bird Observatory. They’re part of the ongoing “Cape MAYgration” festival running through next Tuesday, but Ellen and I are finished with our part of it now. All three walks were wonderful. Despite bad weather throughout the area, we lucked out all three days, avoiding any rain. Here some of the Friday group are looking at a Scarlet Tanager, a spectacular bird that looks something like this through binoculars:

This photo is © David Speiser, found online. My own bird photos generally look more like this one of a Cedar Waxwing from Friday:

You can tell what it is, but that’s about all. Here’s a real professional photo of the same bird:

Photo © Lloyd Spitalnik, also found online. Someday maybe I’ll get a better camera and one of those giant lenses you need for photos like this, but my point-and-shoot Olympus is so small and convenient, maybe not.

Hey, at least the flowers are close and don’t move much, like this Mountain Laurel shrub beginning to blossom. They’re all over Belleplain, and will soon make the woods look like someone has been dropping mounds of pale pink ice cream everywhere.

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