Big Day Tomorrow

The World Series of Birding begins tonight at midnight. Our team gathers tomorrow morning a little before 5 AM in Cape May. It rained steadily and hard all morning today, but most of that should clear out by tomorrow early, giving us a window of reasonably good weather for the event, before more rain moves in Sunday. Ellen’s been loading her stuff into the car. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to do that. Looking forward to it, as always!

Skipped my Friday morning birding today, too wet, but went down to the Cape May Bird Observatory for my three-hour volunteer time behind the desk there. It was a madhouse, with teams from all over gathering to get out of the rain, shop, and swap stories. A film crew from “Animal Planet” was there interviewing them. Met two teams from Vermont, one from Spain! So it really is a world event this year.

I’ll report on our day as soon as I can. Check the website above for team results.

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