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Before there was online chat, there was, of course, simply chat. That must have inspired the name of this bird, the Yellow-breasted Chat, that I enjoyed on my Higbee walk this morning. It’s the largest warbler, and acts more like a vireo (which I realize may mean nothing to you), so I’ll explain: it sits a lot and “chats” with a variety of different brief calls, like someone responding to a conversation. Occasionally it flies up and flutters while calling, establishing nesting territory and hopefully attracting a mate. This species is a regular nester at Higbee WMA in Cape May, and always a treat to see.


After my walk, I went to the Cape May Bird Observatory for my yearly job the weekend before the World Series of Birding: putting together the finish line signs. This one lists all the competing adult and senior teams, 51 of them this year. Their species count totals will be filled in on the evening of May 15 as the teams arrive at the finish line.


That sign has type too small to read, but this one of the youth teams should be readable, and has the most creative team names. I particularly like “Bob Merlin and the Railers.” All those teams, including mine, plus a dozen or more non-competing teams, will be out there counting up species to raise funds for conservation efforts in New Jersey and elsewhere on May 15th.

Speaking of my team, I big shout of thanks to


for his generous pledge to our WSB team for the second year in a row! He’ll get some nice premiums for pledging. Still time, if you’re considering it…

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