Birds and Butterfly

I’ve been out scouting for the World Series of Birding this weekend, and using my new camera when the chances were good. This Rose-Breasted Grosbeak was near the feeders at the Cape May Bird Observatory in Cape May Point Friday.

This Fish Crow was even closer, on the porch railing. Why? They feed him. Oh, and how do I know it’s a Fish Crow, not an American Crow? Only by the call, which is a harsh “AUCH!” or “UH-OH!”

I spent quite a lot of time in Belleplain State Forest, but with mostly cloudy skies and uncooperative birds, this Red Admiral butterfly is the only photo I have. There was a huge number of them moving north through our area this past week.

A Cattle Egret, which is usually found in grassy fields rather than near or in water. Uncommon, and often hard to find.

This Bald Eagle looks like a young bird just fledging into its adult plumage, making it look rather unkempt.

A group of Brant, which are small geese.

Finally, a Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron, a rare bird unless you know where to find their roosting/nesting site. I went to the spot we found them last year, and there were about six there, two on nests. That’s great, if they had changed roosts, which they do every few years, it would be much harder to find them on the Big Day.

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