Birthday Fun

My 61st yesterday, and it was the best birthday I’ve had in years. For lunch we had cupcakes from Chocolate Face, just down the road. We only finished four of these, but then that’s two for today! The weather was sunny and cold, but not terribly so. At 2 PM we drove to Atlantic City for a walk on the boardwalk there, just catching the end of the Chinese New Year parade.

Then we went to the Apple Store were I got my present, a new iPad! I’m still setting it up today, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Since we already have iPhones and Apple desktop and laptop computers, we now have, as they told me in the store, “the entire ecosystem.”

Then we walked short distance to Souzai on the third level of The Pier, overlooking the sunset on the beach, and had a delicious sushi dinner. Life is good!

10 thoughts on “Birthday Fun

  1. Craig

    Happy Birthday, and hopes for many, many more. I truly enjoy reading your blog and admire your work. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us.

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