Brunch with Neil, and many others

Thursday late morning we were invited to join Neil Gaiman and friends for a Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters on Royal Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter. This was a “make your own reservations but well all sit together in the courtyard” affair. Oh, that’s Ellen in front. We’d passed the restaurant several times in our wanders through the French Quarter, but somehow forgot exactly where it was when we needed it, but eventually got there.

It was another lovely, sunny, comfortable day, so sitting at tables under umbrellas in the charming open courtyard was delightful. The buffet included all kinds of breakfast and lunch items, and we were soon filling plates of food and enjoying them.

Not all the party guests came to the brunch, but I’d guess there were at least 80. Neil, with family and friends, arrived a bit later, and he was once again very busy visiting around with everyone. I did get to sit down to talk to him, but right then they brought out a piece of cake with lit candles, and Neil was once again serenaded “Happy Birthday,” led by the jazz clarinetist. Neil seemed to enjoy the attention and was happily talking, eating and having a fine time this morning. We managed a brief but good chat about some possible upcoming collaborations.

Ellen and I enjoyed the meal, we particularly liked the bread pudding dessert, but it was all fine.

The jazz trio, another somewhat unusual combination, were quite good.

Here’s a much better picture (than yesterday’s) of Karen Berger and husband Richard Bruning, with Denis Kitchen…

…and Karen and Charles Vess, who I enjoyed sitting with and talking to for a while.

We left around noon, having decided to take a tour in the afternoon. We last saw Neil at our hotel, on his way out to jump out of a plane, the sort of thing I suppose one might do to celebrate a big birthday. Some might, anyway, not me! Perhaps there will be more about that on Neil’s blog at some point. I’ll post about the rest of our Thursday in New Orleans in a separate post, it’s all been fun.

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