Buckingham/Klein print in color

Images © Mark Buckingham and Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

When Bucky turned in the finished art for this print of ours in late 2009, I thought it would work fine in black and white with one spot color, like all the others, but I also felt it would look even better in full hand-painted color. In addition to the 500 prints I made just like this, I suggested to Bucky that we do a short run that I could hand-color later, when I found the time. I did a sample to show him what I had in mind:

It was a start, but not a great one. there were too many similar colors touching each other, and it needed more variety and contrast, too. Bucky thought this was a fine idea, and we agreed to print a special lot of 50 to eventually be hand-colored, and to help, Bucky agreed to paint a guide for me himself. It took a few months, but when it came, Bucky’s version was much better:

Painted over a scan of the incomplete lettering I’d sent much earlier, and as Bucky said, just a guide not a finished watercolor, it gave me the information I needed to paint a version that would work as I’d originally hoped. I was too busy then to go back to it, and it wasn’t until this past January that I was able to start painting them again.

Here’s the result, one of the 20 I painted between other work over the last three months. It was a long and tedious process, but I think it turned out well. In addition to the colors, there are several differences in this short run: it’s on a lighter paper stock than the main run, and the signatures are different colors. Bucky signed these in black rather than orange, and I signed in brown rather than black.

I decided to price them at $53 including shipping. This is a lot more than the other prints I’ve sold, but I had to consider the time it took. I’m not a fast painter, and I wanted to at least try to achieve minimum wage. Last Friday I offered them for sale first to those on my MAILING LIST and 12 have sold that way to regular customers, who I’m happy to say were very enthusiastic. Since there are only 8 prints remaining to sell, and there’s no telling when I’ll have time to paint more, I’m going to offer them on a first-come first-served basis, one per buyer. If you’re interested in having one, EMAIL me at that link and let me know. I’ll tell you how to pay through PayPal. If I have more buyers than prints, I’ll put you on a waiting list to be notified and offered one first whenever I get more painted.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed there haven’t been any new prints from me in quite a while; last June, in fact. This is not from lack of trying, but there have been unavoidable delays. I have two new prints in process, and the art just came in for one of them, so I’ll be working on that next, and should have news about it soon. And, of course, all my regular prints to date are still available on my BUY STUFF page. My print partners and I thank you for your support!

UPDATE: Still four left as of this morning, order soon if you want one.

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