Cape May Christmas Visit

At least once in the Christmas season Ellen likes to get out for an evening’s entertainment with an appropriate holiday theme. Yesterday we drove down to Cape May, where the season is very much in evidence. Here we are in a shot taken by a friendly stranger in front of the town’s Christmas tree.

You never know what you might see in Cape May, and in the small park where the tree was, we found a group of riders enjoying the warm, foggy evening and attired for the season. “Why can’t I do that? I want to do that!” said Ellen.

Even the horses were in holiday gear.

After dinner at the Jackson Mountain Cafe, we walked around the historic area a little, enjoying the decorated mansions and bed and breakfasts like The Queen Victoria, seen here.

Just outside we enjoyed hearing a group of very professional carolers entertaining the crowd.

As far as decorations go, Columbia House was the most gaudy one we saw.

The main reason we were in town was to attend this performance, which Ellen had seen listed in the paper. We both like Alcott’s “Little Women” which was part of this performance (the Christmas section), as well as two short stories about Christmas. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a one-woman show by Gayle Stahlhuth, the director of this small local theater company. She was excellent, doing narration and all the speaking parts from little girls to men to several characters with ethnic accents, very lively and entertaining, filling the small church’s stage area with her enthusiasm. Afterward my first comment to Ellen was, “I couldn’t even TALK that long!” There’s another performance at 8 PM on Dec. 14th if you’re able to catch it.

We enjoyed our evening out with a Christmas theme, and it’s put us in the right mood for wrapping gifts today.

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