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Title and Cover Design for Neil Gaiman’s ANANSI BOYS

anansiboysprintedPrinted copies of the third in a series of Neil Gaiman mass market paperbacks for which I did title and cover design work arrived yesterday. The release date is October 25th. Neil and I both love the cover painting by legendary illustrator Robert McGinnis, and I had a great time working with it. Here’s how it happened.

On April 12th, 2016 I received an email from Neil containing three McGinnis sketches for the cover art. Neil wrote: “If we are doing a late 50s early 60s cover, what are your thoughts? Fonts and design and such? And do you prefer any of the three?”

Here are the sketches: Continue reading

Title and Cover Design for Neil Gaiman’s STARDUST


I’ve just received advance copies of “Stardust,” the second in a series of new paperback versions of Neil Gaiman books with wonderful cover paintings by illustration legend Robert McGinnis and titles and type design by me. I wrote about the first one, “American Gods,” HERE. This book’s release date is Sept. 27th, so it will be on sale soon. Here’s how the final cover was achieved. Continue reading

Pre-Raphaelites at the Delaware Art Museum

MorrisBookCoverImages from the Delaware Art Museum collection.

The Pre-Raphaelite collection at the museum is the best I’ve seen outside England, and has the largest number of paintings by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, one of the founders of the movement. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, as they called themselves, flourished in the second half of England’s 19th Century into the early 20th Century, and their name comes from the idea that they wanted to look back to Medieval times for artistic inspiration, before the Renaissance artists epitomized by Raphael. They also drew inspiration from natural forms. A good example is this book cover design in pen and ink by William Morris, my favorite creator of the group. It’s the only piece they have by him, but it’s a gem because it shows Morris’s process in the notes on the right. Continue reading

More American Illustrators at the Delaware Art Museum

LeyendeckerCountryGentlemanImages from the collection of the Delaware Art Museum.

After enjoying the Howard Pyle galleries, Ellen and I continued to the American Illustration galleries. The museum seems to have a large collection in this area, which is only fitting since many of the top American Illustrators studied in Wilmington, Delaware, the home of Howard Pyle’s illustration school. I don’t know that Frank Leyendecker was one of them, but this is a charming cover for “The Country Gentleman” magazine from 1918 of a soldier writing home and the spirit of his mother embracing him. Continue reading