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Blasting into Summer


As often happens, we’ve gone from wintery weather to summer in two days. The temperature here hit 75 degrees in the shade a little while ago. Having caught up with work for the moment, I went out and did some yard cleanup. I also restarted the pond pump that runs the little waterfall and aerates the water, after cleaning out leaves and algae for the last two days. I found one small frog yesterday, don’t see him today, but our large goldfish has made it through another winter with no problem. He’s at least six inches long now. I used to feed him, but gave it up, as I don’t really want to encourage a lot of growth. He gets by fine on what’s naturally in the pond.

Some of the daffodils have been out for over a week, more will open now, I’m sure. I wanted to plant more last fall, but somehow in October it just doesn’t seem appealing.

I did buy a few pansies Saturday, and put them out in pots yesterday, where they’ll brighten up our front walk until it gets too warm for them.

Every spring one or two of these small but charming wildflowers bloom in our yard. Wish I knew what they were, but I can enjoy them as “mystery flowers” all the same. The blossoms are about a half inch across.

ADDED: Found it! A non-native bulb flower originally from alpine Turkey and Greece: Chionodoxa. The resource is HERE. Described as a vigorous self-seeder. Certainly nothing I ever planted, but someone in the area did.

I know this one, grape hyacinth. We planted a few many years ago, and one or two still come up in the lawn. I try not to step on them.

The first of hundreds of dandelions has opened in the driveway. Pretty flowers, but annoying plants.

The cats are quite happy to have the windows open for the first time in months, here’s Tigger on a front windowsill watching me.

They’re also quite happy to have the sliding doors open to the porch, and I’m equally happy to get a break from constantly letting them in and out! They clearly approve of the return of the rockers, obviously intended for their seating pleasure.

Along with all the good news comes the return of tick season. While writing, I found this lone star tick crawling up my arm. Right, nightly tick checks begin today as well!


Cats, Company, Chilly Weather

Our storm-refugee company, my friend Tim and my Mom, are still with us. Mom’s power went on yesterday, but Tim’s is still off, and they elected to stay a while longer, especially with another storm heading our way. Tim brought his computer, and it’s been nice having someone else working in my studio the last few days. Tigger seems to like it, too.

As for Leo, he’d rather try to catch the birds at the window feeder, even though he never can. He sits staring and talking quietly about those darn birds, then leaps up repeatedly, trying to get them, or at least scare them. At first they fly away, but already they’re getting used to him and beginning to ignore him.

The storm arrived as scheduled today bringing some wet snow with it. Not a lot, but enough to cover some of the ground.

Here’s the back yard with more feeders and the pond. It should all melt soon, as the ground is not very cold, but things could be different north and west of us. And the barrier islands, still trying to recover from Sandy, don’t need any more wind and storm surge, but will get some anyway. Hopefully not much.

Cats’ Bath Day

Once a year, like it or not (and, oh how much they DON’T like it) our cats get a bath. Ellen’s family will be visiting for a week soon, and her sister Ann is allergic to cats. This seems to help some. Tigger is the first victim.

Oh, the indignity!

Getting towelled off.

Leo’s the next victim. He’s a little more cooperative.

What are you doing to me?!

Leo get’s towelled.

And now the licking begins, and will continue for several hours as they put all that cat saliva back onto their fur. Our older cat, Katie, has been spared the ordeal this year, Ellen says she’s too old to go through it. Just as well, she got the drift quickly and is thoroughly hidden!

Summer Days

Summer is here, and intense critter watching has given way to more lazy heat-bath sleeping on the porch for Tigger and Leo. Summer has begun with two heat waves already, allowing us to enjoy two Saturday afternoons at the beach much earlier than usual. Both last week and yesterday the water was as warm as we usually only have it in August, the water was clear with no seaweed or jellyfish, and the beach was lovely. Perhaps this year we’ll be telling our summer beach visitors, “you should have been here in June!”

We had a battalion of strong thunderstorms and high winds that blew through Friday night causing lots of power outages and fallen trees in the area, but fortunately we dodged that, finding only some downed branches and lots of leaves on the ground Saturday morning.

The heat outside makes it easier to stay inside and get things done, and that’s what I’ve been doing. The run-up to the San Diego Comic-Con means editors are pushing to get work done before everyone heads out there, and I’ve had plenty to do. This past week wasn’t too bad, but the week before I lettered over 100 pages, which is a lot for one week. I have some to work on this weekend, and expect more next week. Meanwhile, I’m also trying to get more logos from my files scanned for my “Logo of the Day” feature on Facebook, gradually going through all the DC logos I copied when I went to the offices in 2009. There are a lot, and I’ll have more of my own logos to scan as well, but there are plenty of others out there I still need good copies of, mainly from companies other than DC.

This afternoon we’re attending a performance of “Man of La Mancha” at a local playhouse for Ellen’s birthday, then having dinner out, so that should be fun. Summer is here, and we need to find our fun when we can!