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2019 San Diego Con: FRIDAY

Friday morning I was feeling much more myself after a good night’s sleep. Looking down at the Convention Center from my hotel, I could see people beginning to arrive, and the white tents for those waiting in line for the Hall H events. Those are the big media shows that I’ve never even tried to get into. Some people wait many hours for that, or even overnight. My morning route would take me across the road to that pink walkway, then around the corner into the east end of the Con Center.

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2019 San Diego Con: THURSDAY

I wasn’t able to do reports from the Con this year because my laptop wasn’t working right, so I put a lot of photos on Facebook with brief notes. I’ll be using many of those here with more words as I recap my time at the Con. I was up at 3:30 AM Thursday morning, and on the road to the Philadelphia airport by 4:30. I got to my gate in plenty of time to have an egg sandwich for breakfast. I was in the new Terminal B, which has very different waiting rooms for flights. In the center are high counters with stools, and each seat faces an iPad-like information and entertainment device. I didn’t try one.

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San Diego Bound July 18-21

Having been nominated for an Eisner Award for best lettering again this year, I am heading to that massive crowd scene and amazing exhibition called Comic-Con International in San Diego, California once again. I head out early Thursday and will be there Thursday afternoon through Sunday, if air travel goes as planned. While there’s plenty to see, for me it’s most importantly a time to see friends and work-mates from over the last 40-plus years, and to enjoy the company of kindred souls in the comics business. Yes, there’s plenty of non-comics stuff there, too, but we can pass by much of that. It’s such a wide-ranging event that you can find the con you’re looking for, it just may take some extra walking.

I hope to blog from the con as I usually do. Above is a photo from my last visit in 2017. I will only have my phone camera this time, as I’m planning on traveling light, but that’s good enough to capture my own con. I will probably be posting on Facebook too, so if you’re following me either on my personal page or my “Todd Klein, artist” page, I should have some images there.

If you’re going, and you see me, do say hello! I know there will be people I’d like to see that I’ll miss (125 thousand attendees per day after all), and some I wasn’t expecting to see that I will. At least I hope so. I know I’ll be exhausted by each afternoon and evening, but I’m sure I’ll have a great time. I always do.