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Tigger Passes (2009-2021)

We lost our cat Tigger yesterday. He’s had some chronic health problems the last few years including asthma, allergies, and ear infections, but he was generally happy most of the time until about a month ago when he started having frequent diarrhea. We took him to our vet and all the usual tests were done, including x-rays, but they couldn’t find a cause, though they suspected some kind of cancer that’s hard to detect like lymphoma. Tigger had always been a finicky and slow eater, but finally he didn’t want to eat at all. He spent some time in the animal hospital where they gave him fluids and IV medications, then he came home with new medicines for about two weeks until he was in about the same place again, and had lost about a quarter of his body weight. A week ago yesterday we took him to the vet thinking he would need to be put to sleep, as he wasn’t happy at all, and getting weaker, but they suggested another hospitalization where they would try stronger medications. He was there two nights, then came home with even more medications, some of which he hated, but we gave them as ordered, and he had another week with us, and got lots of love and attention. Yesterday morning he threw up twice, refused to eat at all, and refused all his medications by struggling violently, so we just let him go. By the afternoon he was back in the same place, getting weak, not happy, so we took him in and had him put to sleep. He went peacefully hearing that he was a good boy.

Tigger and his brother Leo came to us as kittens in 2009 when a friend of Ellen had a stray cat give birth in her barn. We took two of the litter of four, even though our older cat Katie was not happy about it. They were fun and entertaining, especially as kittens, and long-time readers of this blog may remember some of their escapades. I’ll include links to a few below. As they grew, their personalities emerged. Tigger was the runt of the litter, and smaller than Leo, but he was more outgoing and brave. We called him our greeter because anyone who came to the house had Tigger’s demand for attention and pets, while Leo was more cautious and usually hid out for a while. Tigger was determined to get what he wanted, but good natured and loving. Lap time with me in the evening was usually a must, and if Leo got there first, Tigger would just lie on top of Leo until he moved. They both loved our screened porch and spent lots of time there, but Tigger always wanted to get outside, and he succeeded briefly a few times, once by going through the screen after a stray cat in the yard that Tigger wanted to fight. Luckily we got him back in before that happened.

We will miss Tigger so much, but at least we still have Leo, who is quite healthy, and he will get even more love and attention now, which is fine with him. Goodbye, Tig. You were a good kitty.


Photos © Todd Klein, from 2009 and 2003.

Congratulations to Dave Gibbons and Karen Berger for their Eisner Hall of Fame awards. Friends and colleagues for decades, talented creators and excellent people. Well deserved!

Here’s a link to my article about working with Dave Gibbons in the early days.

Our Wedding Program 1989

Images © Todd Klein.

While cleaning out our guest room for redecorating, I found a small pile of these printed programs I made for our wedding. Hand-lettered and drawn, printed on pale pink paper, colored pencil on the drawings. I hadn’t seen it in many years. Still looks okay to me. Happy to say we remain together.