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Visiting Chincoteague, VA

This past Saturday we began a three-day visit to Chincoteague, Virginia by taking the Cape May – Lewes Ferry, above, to Lewes Delaware, always a fun trip unless the waves are high, which was not the case that day. From there we drove down through the Delmarva Peninsula to the barrier island of Chincoteague. Continue reading

Sand Sculpting with Tim, 2017

My friend Tim (since 4th grade!) was here this weekend, and as we like to do, we spent much of the weekend doing sand sculptures at the beach. In 2015, Tim discovered the work of sand sculpture wizard Calvin Seibert, go to the link to see his amazing work, and since then Tim has been trying to emulate Calvin’s methods and concepts. This year on Saturday he did quite well with that, as seen above. The hemisphere was made with the help of a special tool called a Willy Sphere, with different sizes that make different size globes of sand. The rest is all Tim’s hard work, patience and skill. Continue reading

Savannah Part 3

My final report, last two full days in Savannah. Sunday morning, Dave, Ann and Ellen decided to attend Mass in Savannah’s Catholic Cathedral, St. John the Baptist. I opted to walk around outside instead, but got this photo of the outside. We regrouped at the Book Lady Bookstore, where we found a few things we wanted, then had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant. Continue reading