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Ten Years After

Today is the tenth anniversary of this blog and my website, which launched July 3rd, 2007. At times that seems like yesterday, at others it seems I’ve always been doing it.

According to a new plug-in I just installed, there are 3,202,106 words on the blog (until this post). I’m guessing that includes comments and every word everywhere, as it’s a lot larger number than the last time I checked a year ago with a different plug-in, but that one doesn’t seem to work now. There have been 3,117 posts by me (including this one), and 3,951 approved comments. (That leaves out any I didn’t approve, including about half a million spam ones.)

I will be attending Comic-Con International: San Diego this year from July 20 to 24, and will no doubt be blogging about it here. Work continues on my Ira Schnapp and Danny Crespi research when I have time. I’m still reading and reviewing books and comics, though less of the latter these days. No major new comics history articles are underway, but there’s always a chance of that at some point.

I have no particular insights into how things will go on the blog in the future. I’ve cut back my workload this year, but that hasn’t meant much more time spent on the blog, at least so far. Possibly in the winter months it might. I’m still enjoying being here and having this forum for my work and interests.

Thanks to you, the readers, for stopping by and joining in! I appreciate your attention and interest in this ever more distracting world. Wishing those of you in the U.S. a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Traditional Easter Eggs 2017

We were kind of mentally exhausted from the pysanky egg decorating on Saturday, but we wanted to do the traditional hard-boiled eggs too, so we’d have some to eat. Also, the egg decorating has become a tradition and a fun competition in our family group of Ann, Dave, Ellen, Tim, Ina and myself (Zack is away at college this year). We took a dinner break and then colored the hard-boiled eggs in the evening. I didn’t get any pictures of the process this time, but past years have plenty of that, I’ll add some links at the end of this article. Each of us dyed about a half dozen eggs, and then we judged them as a group this time rather than appointing one person to judge. It worked out fine, we arrived at a consensus. Fortunately Ann had saved the winner categories from past years, and we used those. Above is the entire winner group. Continue reading

Pysanky Easter Eggs Part 2

Here’s our pysanky egg-decorating group at work at Ann and Dave Greene’s kitchen table. Left to right are Ann, my friend Tim, Dave, and my wife Ellen. I sat at the near end. It took each of us many hours to create one pysanky egg. Mine was the most ambitious and took the longest, over six hours. Here’s the entire process described. Continue reading

Pysanky Easter Eggs Part 1

For years Ellen and I and Ellen’s sister Ann and her family have made a ritual and contest of dyeing Easter eggs when we visit them for Easter. We’ve always used hard-boiled eggs and traditional dyes, but sometimes have talked about trying the more difficult and involved Pysanky egg dyeing, example above found online, which uses raw eggs and non-edible colors as well as hot wax for the shapes and lines. This year we are finally trying it. My friend Tim, who’s joined in the Easter egg coloring the last few years, bought Ellen and I a pysanky starter kit for Christmas, and Tim and Ann each bought additional supplies and tools. Two weeks ago, Ellen at I tried out our set at home, results below.

The first thing we did was to mix the twelve colors that came in dried powder form in packets. As instructed, I bought a set of 12 pint canning jars and put the colors in each one. To the powder we added 1.25 cups of boiling water and a small amount of distilled vinegar, EXCEPT for the orange, which gets no vinegar. Above, I kept the packet under that jar to remind me. I also labeled the jars to avoid confusion later.

Here are the colors mixed. They had to cool completely, then could be closed up and stored. They’re supposed to be good for about a year. Continue reading

9th Blog Anniversary

SpaceOdyssey2AI’ve been very busy with work and personal stuff lately, so not as active here as I’d like. Today marks the beginning of the tenth year of this blog, and all I can offer are some teases and previews of things to come. Above is a section of a logo, one of five I’ve just done for a major entertainment magazine. More when it comes out.

AnansiBoysTitlesB3_trimAnother project I’m excited about but can’t discuss are a series of paperback cover designs for a mainstream book publisher, small section of one above.

DOOM PATROL 1_X_ltrsOn the comics side, here’s a small clip from an a new upcoming series from DC.

MIRACLEMAN201600100X_letAnd another from Marvel. I suspect I’m not allowed to show any of the above images, you won’t tell, will you?

666ProdRozakisSampleFinally, on the blog itself, I’m gathering information for a multi-part article about the DC Comics offices at 666 5th Avenue from 1982 to 1991. Here’s one of many photos I’ve been given, this one from Bob Rozakis. That’s him with publisher Jenette Kahn in the Production Room back when. I have more photos coming, and have yet to find time to write the article, but hope to have it for you in the next few weeks.

That’s it, stay tuned!