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Incoming: PROMETHEA and a Marvel Token

Image © DC Comics.

I received this new hardcover 20th Anniversary reprint of PROMETHEA issues 13-23. I prefer the original cover designs artist J.H. Williams III and I did for the first hardcover printings, the first trade paperbacks, and the Absolute Editions, but this one looks fine, and I’m glad they’re keeping the series in print.

This and next image © Marvel.

I also received this letter and commemorative brass cloisonné token from Marvel for the one page I lettered for MARVEL COMICS #1000. It’s the first “gift” I can recall ever receiving from the company.

A closer look at both sides of the coin or token. A token of appreciation, literally.


Image © DC.

Arrived today, nice to see they’re reprinting this series that I enjoyed lettering starting in 2006. What I remember best about it now is that I created two new fonts for it. One, a rough scratchy one for King Shark, has been in almost constant use since on a wide variety of projects. Pretty much any time I need a rough, scratchy voice. The other, a watery font with bubbles created for undersea creatures, has hardly been used since. I also recall that the art and writing were both great. If it’s not out yet, it should be soon.

Incoming: JUSTICE Deluxe Edition Hardcover

Image © DC Comics.

JUSTICE has just arrived, a new hardcover edition in the Deluxe format, which is a little larger than standard hardcover size. This is the 2005-2007 twelve-issue series pitting the Justice League against many of their top villains. It has over 100 pages of additional material, so I’m guessing this follows the Absolute Edition as far as contents, but that’s my guess. Retail price is $49.99. It’s out in comics shops on August 7th. Gorgeous art with Alex Ross painting over Doug Braithwaite’s pencils, and a cast of thousands.

Incoming: HIGH HEAVEN Volume One

Image © Ahoy Comics. Written by Tom Peyer, art by Greg Scott,
colors by Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen

I enjoyed reading the first season of HIGH HEAVEN, a very Vertigo sort of book, even to the generally unlikeable lead character. The satire is biting, and at times positively sacreligious, the plot takes surprising turns, the dialogue is clever, and the art, coloring and lettering are all great. Should be out soon at shops if it isn’t already. Oh, and I did the logo.


Image © DC Comics.

Just in, this trade paperback collection of the new series I’m lettering. It begins with THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 (lettered well by Simon Bowland), introducing all four books in the line, then the first six issues of the comic. I hadn’t seen the colors on those by Jordan Boyd before, and I like them, very painterly. The issue covers by Kai Carpenter are quite nice, too, I’d not seen all of them. Working digitally does have it’s quirks. I’m happy with the way this series is going, you should decide for yourself. On sale July 10 in shops.