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Image © Todd Klein

Have you looked at the signed prints on my website? They include new, original work by ALAN MOORE, NEIL GAIMAN, ALEX ROSS, J.H. WILLIAMS III, MARK BUCKINGHAM, BILL WILLINGHAM, SHAWN McMANUS, STEVE RUDE, DAVE GIBBONS and GENE HA, all in collaboration with me, and each print is individually signed by the creators. As seen above, I’m offering them at up to 50% off for one week starting this Friday, Nov. 27th. I have never offered prints at this kind of discount before, and may not again. Hope you’ll take advantage of the sale. For details go to the BUY STUFF page on my website, but don’t order there, follow the instructions for this unique deal!




This week only, order as above on my BUY STUFF page, and your shipping will be refunded as soon as I receive the order. Brighten your holidays or purchase gifts of my 11 by 17-inch prints in collaboration with ALAN MOORE, NEIL GAIMAN, ALEX ROSS, J.H. WILLIAMS III, MARK BUCKINGHAM, BILL WILLINGHAM, SHAWN McMANUS, STEVE RUDE, DAVE GIBBONS, and GENE HA, all signed by those partners and myself, and available nowhere else. As always, we thank you for support, and wish you a happy holiday season!

Creating my KNOWLEDGE print

All images © Todd Klein

The alphabetical series of prints that I’ve been doing since 2007 had reached the letter K, and it seemed appropriate for me to reserve this one for myself alone, rather than team with another creator, as I had for the previous ten prints in the series (letters A to J). While thinking about that, I also realized this year was the twentieth anniversary of my very first signed print, “A Lettering Sampler,” created in 1993. I decided I would try to come up with a new print about lettering to become a companion piece to that one. I went through lists of words beginning with K, and settled on KNOWLEDGE as the one that would be prominent in the title. I thought Klein should also be in there, and settled on the complete title, “Klein’s Compendium of Calligraphic Knowledge.” Yes, I could have spelled Compendium and Calligraphic with initial letters K, but that was too cute for my taste. Reading it aloud, it has a nice alliteration anyway.

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Images © Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

I’m pleased to announce that my newest signed print, representing the letter K in my alphabetical series, full title: KLEIN’S COMPENDIUM OF CALLIGRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE goes on sale today, Tuesday, September 17th. Commemorating the 20th anniversary of my very first signed print, “A Lettering Sampler,” the new print is also focused on lettering, fonts and font use. As with all my prints, it’s 11 by 17 inches, printed in black on sturdy card stock, and each print has hand-painted Indian Red watercolor on the title. Every print is signed in a similar red color. The edition is 300 copies, and sells for $16 plus shipping.


A second VARIANT edition of only 50 copies has been printed on WHITE card stock, sized to match “A Lettering Sampler,” double signed and numbered. I’m reserving the first 10, leaving 40 of this edition for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. The white variant is intended for those who want to hang it alongside “A Lettering Sampler.” It will also sell for $16 plus shipping.


Plus there is a VERY limited number, FIVE in all, matched sets of KNOWLEDGE and A LETTERING SAMPLER (numbers 6 through 10) available on a first-come, first-served basis for $50 plus shipping. Sorry, these are now sold out.

A description of the creation of this print will follow in my next blog post.

To order these or any of my prints, including past prints created in partnership with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Alex Ross, J.H. Williams III, Mark Buckingham, Bill Willingham, Shawn McManus, Dave Gibbons and Gene Ha, please go to my BUY STUFF page. Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon!

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