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Pulled From My Files #53: CYCLOPS LOGO

This and all images © Marvel.

In 1993 I was asked by Marvel’s marketing department to design a logo for the X-Men character Cyclops, which I was happy to do. I sent in six sketches inked in markers over pencils. This first one was a fun idea, with a suggestion of the Cyclops eye-beam creating a reverse across the center, and might have worked in color, but was hard to read in black and white, and probably too tricksy anyway. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #52: THE VISION LOGO

This and all images © Marvel.

In 1994 I was asked by Marvel editor Ralph Macchio to design a logo for a Vision miniseries. I submitted three marker sketches, but only two of them remain in my files. At the time Marvel had been stretching out some of my logos vertically, so I decided to design this one already very tall, with the V and N intended to run off the top edge. There are some notes on this sketch (hard to read in this scan) about curving the S more, and opening up space between I, O and N as well as the space inside the O. These were probably notes from Ralph. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #51: FATE Logo

This and all images © DC Comics.

Some time in 1994 I was asked by Curtis King at DC Comics to design a logo for a new series about Doctor Fate to be simply called FATE. I did four sketches (increased from three) in marker over pencils on typing paper, my usual pre-computer method. This one include the ankh symbol I was told the character would have on his face. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #50: Marvel’s LEGION

Image © Marvel.

Something different this time, here’s a scan of a photocopy of a logo I designed for Marvel in 1994. It’s hand-drawn, probably on Denril plastic vellum. I have no sketches for it in my files, though there must have been at least one. I was paid a logo fee, so this must have been the final version I sent in, but I have no idea where it was used, or if it was ever used. I haven’t seen the new TV show based on the X-Men character, but I’m sure this was designed for him, and when I came to this in my files, I wondered. Do any of you faithful readers recall seeing it in print? Please let me know. Thanks!

ADDED: mystery solved by several people, thanks all! It was used on issues 1 to 3 of X-MEN ARCHIVES, all dated Jan. 1995. I also did the title logo and the word FEATURING.