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Pulled From My Files #66: CHEVAL NOIR Logo

Image © Dark Horse Comics.

I have only a few sketches and no final logo for this assignment from 1989, though my records show I was paid for two different versions of this anthology logo, which of course is “Dark Horse” in French. This version gets pretty fancy with CHEVAL. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #65: CRIMEBUSTER LOGO

In 1994 I was asked by John Clark at Gladstone Comics to design a new logo for the 1940s crime fighter Crimebuster. Apparently they were planning on either a new series of stories or reprints, I don’t recall which. These are the first two marker sketches I submitted, after getting direction that they wanted something classic and using block letters, I think. Version 1 uses a lot of space, so I didn’t expect they would want it, but I enjoyed drawing it. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #64: THE DRIFTER Logo

Sometimes the freelance life brings job prospects that seem promising but don’t go anywhere. Such was the case with this logo assignment from Dana Marchand some time in the early 1990s. I no longer remember exactly what it was for. A comic? A video game? Mr. Marchand contacted me several times with offers like this, but I no longer remember what company or companies he was with. He was a good talker, and convinced me to do logo designs for him several times, but ultimately did not ever accept any, ask for final renderings, or pay for them, though he might have paid me a small kill fee. I think the last time I heard from him, he was working on a Stan Lee-related project and wanted some logos for that. I turned him down, and haven’t heard from him since.

The sketches I have for “The Drifter,” not to be confused with the current Ivan Brandon Image title DRIFTER, are all over the place, suggesting Mr. Marchand did not know what he wanted, and was merely on a fishing expedition. This is something I try to avoid, but as I said, he was a good talker.

I did eight sketches for him on two sheets of typing paper using markers over pencils. On these, THE was left out. Personally I like #7 the best. I have no idea if this project ever came out. If so, I didn’t see it. I’m guessing it didn’t, or the current Image title might have run into rights problems with the name, but that’s just a guess.

More like this when I have time.

Pulled From My Files #63: Four Marvel Logos

This and all images © Marvel.

Here are what materials I have on four Marvel logos, three from 1994, one from 1990. Above, my revised first sketch for Annex. It’s hard to think of a more boring name for a superhero, but I did what I could with it. My note says I’ll make the spacing more consistent. Continue reading

The First Annual Letterer Appreciation Day!

I’m not sure whose idea Letterer Appreciation Day was, but I first heard of it from letterer Pat Patrick Brosseau and letterer/font creator Nate Piekos. Of course I heartily approve, especially since the date honors the birthday of my late inspiration, role model and friend, Gaspar Saladino, seen here on our last meeting in 2014. Below are links to previous articles I’ve written about his work, in some cases just the first of multiple parts.

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