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Pulled From My Files #55: SOVEREIGN SEVEN LOGO

This and all images © Chris Claremont and Dwayne Turner.

I have only three marker sketches for this logo, I don’t know why. There were a lot more. The launch of this creator-owned title at DC in 1991 was a very big deal, as DC hoped Claremont would be as successful for them as he was for Marvel on the many X-Men titles he wrote. I know I had a lot of folks critiquing my design sketches. I still like this one, and it would have read better in color. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #55: NIGHTWATCH LOGO

This and all images © Marvel.

In 1993 I was asked by Marvel to create a logo for their character Nightwatch, a superhero appearing in some Spider-man titles that was planned as a new series. I don’t have all the marker sketches I did at the time, the first one that survives is #2, above. This is actually my favorite of the surviving sketches, but I can see why it wasn’t wanted, not very appropriate for a superhero. Continue reading

Logo design for Comic-Con International: San Diego’s 2017 Souvenir Book

Captain America and Thor © Marvel, Mister Miracle and Kamandi © DC Comics.

Every year the San Diego Comic-Con puts out a large, thick, lavish souvenir book filled with features and art focusing on that year’s Comic-Con themes. They’ve just revealed the 2017 cover with a Jack Kirby tribute. The art is by Bruce Timm, based on Jack’s cover for JIMMY OLSEN #141. The logo and cover blurb are by me. The full announcement is HERE. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #53: CYCLOPS LOGO

This and all images © Marvel.

In 1993 I was asked by Marvel’s marketing department to design a logo for the X-Men character Cyclops, which I was happy to do. I sent in six sketches inked in markers over pencils. This first one was a fun idea, with a suggestion of the Cyclops eye-beam creating a reverse across the center, and might have worked in color, but was hard to read in black and white, and probably too tricksy anyway. Continue reading