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Pulled From My Files #77: IRON MAN Logo

This and all images © Marvel.

In 2014 I was asked by Marvel to design a new Iron Man cover logo. I began with some thumbnail sketches made while looking at an image of the character’s then-current costume. I kept returning to the idea of making the O in IRON utilize the glowing power source on the character’s chest, perhaps also using some of the armor features around it. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #76: GREEN LANTERN Logos

This and all images © DC Entertainment.

Here are a bunch of Green Lantern-related logos I designed from hand-drawn marker sketches. This first one was for a 1992 pair of trade paperbacks reprinting the fan-favorite run by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams from the 1970s. I was following the layout of the original logo by Gaspar Saladino, but giving the letters a somewhat more modern look. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #75: ERIC and THE HECKLER

Eric images © Disney.

In 1991 I was asked by Disney Comics to design some character logos for stories in their LITTLE MERMAID title, this being one of them. Prince Eric needed something a bit regal but still relating to an animated art style. Of these four versions, I happen to like 2 best. 3 is hard to read, and too gloppy. The others are okay. Continue reading

Pulled From My Files #74: GHOST RIDER 2099

All images © Marvel.

Some time in late 1994 or early 1995 I was asked by Joey Cavalieri at Marvel to design a new logo for this book. I’d already done a revised version of the 2099 part for him, and he wanted a new look to go with it. This existing logo, which I think was by Ken Lopez, is kind of a digital approach to the regular flaming Ghost Rider logo, and I like it, though I’m not crazy about the 2099 part.

I did three marker sketches. This is the 2099 I had already done with a stencil approach to the character name. Not very easy to read, and I now find it a bad design.

My second sketch uses the same letter forms, but uses a bevelled outline and fills in the background with sold black, which helps readability some. The flame around the outside harkens back to the previous regular Ghost Rider logos.

I think this is the most interesting of my sketches, though the approach is similar to one I had used on other Marvel logos. None of these sketches really embody anything futuristic, and I think they should have.

Marvel went another way, and used another designer for their final logo, and this design is much more original and interesting than any of mine, with its combination of angles and verticals. I think the A.D. is mine, not sure. I’m also not sure who designed this, but it’s pretty nice, and does seem futuristic.

Other articles in this series can be found in the “Pulled From My Files” topic on the right column of this blog page. More when I have time.

Pulled From My Files #73: GENERATION X LOGO

This and all images © Marvel.

In 1994 I was asked by editor Lisa Patrick at Marvel to design a logo for a new X-Men title. They were expanding like crazy at the time, but I thought this was a clever use of the common phrase meant to suggest young people of a certain age. My first marker sketch is one I still like today, though the perspective is a bit odd. The X recedes more at the top than GENERATION. Continue reading