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September Sand Sculptures

EarlySculpturePhotos by Todd Klein except as noted.

My friend Tim, his son Gabe, and Gabe’s girlfriend Bethina were here this Labor Day weekend for their annual shore visit, and we had fun both here at our house and at the beach, though Saturday was very windy, so not so pleasant conditions at the shore. We managed this group effort sculpture on Saturday, though the wind was pushing the waves much higher up on the beach than usual. We began at what is usually the high tide line, and by mid-afternoon had to move our stuff back another 40 feet. Continue reading

Sand Sculpting with Friends


It’s been a few years since my friend Tim and his son Gabe were able to visit us in the summer. When they do, we always create some unusual sand sculptures, and that’s what happened this past weekend. Tim had some new sand sculpting tools,  WillySpheres, which do but one thing: make large spherical shapes, and we used them for our carvings. Continue reading

First Sand Castle of 2014


Ellen’s family is visiting for a long weekend, and yesterday on the beach we did a group-effort castle. Here are several views. this one feature’s Dave Greene’s design with S.H. for Stone Harbor, where we go to the beach.


This side features bridges by Zach Greene and some decorations by me on the hillside. I also did most of the castle towers at the top.


This side shows more decorations by me as well as some by Anne Greene.


A closer view of the main gate with “Stone Harbor” in stones and shells by Ellen Klein over the doorway (hard to read in this light).


Flanking the main door are dripped Gargoyles by Anne.


Here’s the castle-making crew, also giving a sense of scale. Took us several hours, but they were hours when it was cloudy and raining lightly, so a good way to pass the time. Once the sun came out, we all went swimming.


As the tide came in, the castle first became surrounded by water…


…and then began to succumb to the waves. We didn’t have time to watch the entire castle fall, but such is the way of this ephemeral art.

The DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup Part 2



If your idea of sand sculpture is castles, you have to love this one, based I guess on the TV series, which I haven’t seen. An amazing amount of detail on these solo sand sculptures on the Atlantic City beach. Even with about a week to produce them, I find it hard to imagine how some of them were finished in time. More details of this one below. Continue reading

The DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup Part 1


Yesterday Ellen and I spent over an hour enjoying dozens of wonderful sand sculptures on the Atlantic City beach opposite Pennsylvania Avenue, next to the Steel Pier. It’s the second year of this competition (though rumors have it not returning to Atlantic City next year), and the work is impressive and amazing. The sculptures will be on display through next Sunday, July 6, so if you have the chance to visit I urge you to come see them. Photos can’t capture the size and detail, but here are lots of them anyway. At the entrance are welcome sculptures by local artist and event organizer John Gowdy. Continue reading