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A Mobile Sand Castle


Found on the beach this evening in Sea Isle City, NJ, sculptor unknown, this charming sculpt of a sand castle on the back of a lizard-like creature. It’s the fantasy version of a seaside mobile home, I guess. Quite well done, probably by a pro.


Here’s a closer look at the castle itself. excellent variety of features and surface textures.


This smaller castle was nearby, possibly by the same person. Looks unfinished, but still a skilled piece. Never know what you’re going to find on the beach!

Beach Days


Some of Ellen’s family has been visiting us all the past week, hoping for some good beach days. There were a few, not as many as they might have hoped, but they had fun anyway.  Adam, Zach’s friend, joined them, left, then nephew Zach, Ellen’s sister Ann, niece Ina and Ellen. Ann’s husband Dave was also here a few days. I, unfortunately, had lots of work to do, so missed some of the fun, but I did get to the beach for a few hours on four of the seven days.

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Championship Sand Sculpting, Atlantic City 2013 Part 1


All photos © Todd Klein.

The annual World Championship of Sand Sculpting has been going on this week on the beach in Atlantic City, next to the Pier Shops in front of Caesar’s casino, from where this shot was taken. We’ve been reading about it in the paper, and we both love sand sculpture (you can find some of ours in the “Sand Sculpture” topic on this blog’s sidebar) and wanted to go, but it’s been a crazy-busy week, so I didn’t think we’d have time. Finally, yesterday afternoon, Ellen said, “Let’s go now and have dinner there afterward,” and we did.

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