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Image © Paul Constant, Alan Robinson & Ahoy Comics

There are two stories written by Paul Constant in this fun premiere issue. The main story, with art by Alan Robinson, takes place in a 1988 high school where a testy jock named Chad is beating up a nerdy kid for no apparent reason. Chad’s friends (the three of them are on the cover) are trying to stop him. The reason for the attack is at least partly explained in the backup story with art by Randy Elliott, told from the nerd Alvin’s point of view. Alvin’s take is, in its own way, just as off-balance as Chad’s, but Alvin has a secret science project that’s going to change the lives of those three jocks when they follow him to his hidden lab in an abandoned house.

My one quibble is a technical one with the otherwise fine lettering by Rob Steen. If, in the 1988 sections, the idea is to make the pages look like they are printed on newsprint with a paper-tone background, the balloons should also have a paper-tone background. Making them pure white ruins the idea for me.

Well-written and well-drawn, this rang true to me as a bonafide nerd in high school myself. Oh, and what a great cover by David Nakayama. I like to think my logo works well on it. Recommended.

And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN #6

Image © DC Comics. Written by Grant Morrison, art by Liam Sharp,
colors by Steve Oliff, letters by Steve Wands

Despite the cover image, Hal Jordan is on Rann not as that world’s Green Lantern, but as Parallax, a new recruit of the Blackstars, as organized by Controller Mu of Maltus. Mu has kidnapped the child of Adam and Alanna, and Adam himself is a prisoner who Hal is supposed to kill to prove his loyalty to the Blackstars. Of course we also know that Hal has been sent by the Guardians of the Universe to infiltrate the Blackstars and neutralize their universe-destroying weapon, the Ultimate Bomb. As Mu and his Blackstars control Rann, how can Hal possibly achieve any of his goals without hurting his friends?

With great writing and art, this title is still making me happy. Recommended.

Eight Years Running


Today is the eighth anniversary of this blog, and we nearly didn’t make it. A few months ago continuing difficulties with my previous web host were taking up way too much of my time, and I was considering pulling the plug, but I’m now on a new web host that seems to be working fine for me, so on we go. One problem is, after eight years of near daily entries, some quite long, the data size of the blog is several gigabytes, a lot in website storage terms. There have been 2612 blog posts so far, and though only a few dozen get the majority of the traffic, random searches do add to the load. So far the new host is handling it all well.

I plan to continue, and hope to bring more content-filled posts in the future. A new three-part logo study begins here Sunday, and I’m working on several comics history projects that will eventually appear when finished. It’s hard to find time for the good stuff, but I work on it when I can. Thanks for reading, hope to see you here again soon!