Cats and Snow

We got home yesterday by early evening after a longer than usual drive, but without any dangerous snow incidents, though there were parts of the trip where the roads were not well cleared yet. Tigger and Leo and Katie were all fine and glad to see us. The boys wanted to go out on the porch, where, for the first time they were able to walk in and touch snow. They saw it last winter, but only through windows, and of course they found it odd and fascinating.

Is Tigger licking snow off his foot to taste it, or trying to get his toes warmed up?

Leo, on the other hand, was scooping snow up with his paw and eating. it. “He’ll eat anything,” Ellen said.

Leo’s attempt to jump up onto the snow-covered glass table was not a success, and he departed just as quickly!

How to walk on snow, demonstrated by Leo. How to crouch on snow demonstrated by Tigger (keep the tail up!) Tigger soon wanted to come in, but Leo, the arctic cat, stayed out for a while and played ping-pong ball soccer in the snow.

Last night we’d left my car at the end of our driveway and walked everything in. This morning I shoveled the front walk and a wide path out to the car, and Ellen took it to work.

A few miles away, the town of Dennisville was touted on the Philadelphia news as having the deepest snow: 26 inches. I don’t see how that could be, we had no more than a foot, so I don’t know who’s measuring it or how. It’s still too deep to drive through, but rather than shovel the whole driveway, we’re going to just keep my car where it is and walk out to it. This week the weather is supposed to get warmer every day, so by next weekend most of the snow should be gone, and my car back in the garage.

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