Cats’ Bath Day

Once a year, like it or not (and, oh how much they DON’T like it) our cats get a bath. Ellen’s family will be visiting for a week soon, and her sister Ann is allergic to cats. This seems to help some. Tigger is the first victim.

Oh, the indignity!

Getting towelled off.

Leo’s the next victim. He’s a little more cooperative.

What are you doing to me?!

Leo get’s towelled.

And now the licking begins, and will continue for several hours as they put all that cat saliva back onto their fur. Our older cat, Katie, has been spared the ordeal this year, Ellen says she’s too old to go through it. Just as well, she got the drift quickly and is thoroughly hidden!

3 thoughts on “Cats’ Bath Day

  1. David

    My hat’s off to you and Ellen. I’m afraid I take the coward’s way out and just use pet wipes on my cats every few weeks–and they barely hold still for that!

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  3. Rob Leigh

    I only gave our cat Barley (also an orange tabby) a bath once, and it wasn’t by choice. I was just finishing sealing my driveway when my wife said goodbye to me on her way out for an appointment. As she drove off, I looked up to see Barley, only about a year old, standing before me at the end of a long trail of tarry paw prints. Knowing that he liked to follow me around like a puppy, I had deliberately kept him inside while I worked; my wife had thwarted my plans by letting him out. Scooping him up, I went inside, donned a pair of swim trunks and grabbed a can of thinner, and the two of us sat in the tub for over an hour where I alternated between thinner and soap & water until I had removed all the gunk that was packed in his paws.

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