Cats’ Bath Day

Once a year whether they like it or not (and believe me, they do NOT like it!) our three cats get a bath. Ellen always does it this time of year, when the weather is warm to avoid the chance of a chill causing illness, and before our summer beach visitors arrive, some of whom are allergic to cats. Bathing them helps cut down on the allergy symptoms. Katie, our long-haired black cat looks the funniest when wet.

Here she is fully soaked, looking like a disgruntled black Chihuahua.

Tigger is next, he wasn’t too bad this year.

Although he did make a couple of attempts to break and run, foiled by Ellen.

“What are you DOING to my brother?” Leo wants to know.

“Oh, why did I ever ask…?”

Each cat gets a good toweling-off, and then will spend the next few hours licking. By this evening they’ll all be dry, fluffy and oh-so-soft. And probably much happier.

2 thoughts on “Cats’ Bath Day

  1. Kaitoace

    Hilarious! It’s pretty much the same thing if you buzz them down (give them a brush cut) for summer, too.

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