Cats, Company, Chilly Weather

Our storm-refugee company, my friend Tim and my Mom, are still with us. Mom’s power went on yesterday, but Tim’s is still off, and they elected to stay a while longer, especially with another storm heading our way. Tim brought his computer, and it’s been nice having someone else working in my studio the last few days. Tigger seems to like it, too.

As for Leo, he’d rather try to catch the birds at the window feeder, even though he never can. He sits staring and talking quietly about those darn birds, then leaps up repeatedly, trying to get them, or at least scare them. At first they fly away, but already they’re getting used to him and beginning to ignore him.

The storm arrived as scheduled today bringing some wet snow with it. Not a lot, but enough to cover some of the ground.

Here’s the back yard with more feeders and the pond. It should all melt soon, as the ground is not very cold, but things could be different north and west of us. And the barrier islands, still trying to recover from Sandy, don’t need any more wind and storm surge, but will get some anyway. Hopefully not much.

2 thoughts on “Cats, Company, Chilly Weather

  1. Craig

    As my father likes to say this time of year, stay warm and dry. I’m glad the storms aren’t catching you out.

  2. JimCampbell

    Heh. There’s not a single time you do one of these ‘home’ posts where I don’t sigh and think “I wish *I* could go and stay at Todd’s house…”

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