Celebrating Gaspar, Part 3

Here’s the third part of the collection of wonderful cover lettering by Gaspar Saladino that I put together in 1985. All lettering ©DC Comics, Inc.

Note: I now suspect the lettering for THE WARRIOR! above is not by Gaspar, as I think it was traced from a font, something Gaspar would never have done. It was probably by someone on staff in the production department.

Having run through an alphabetical list of character names, the rest of this collection is themed by topics or key words.

Final section tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Gaspar, Part 3

  1. Roger

    Wow! Seeing the Terra logo reminds me of the first Who’s Who series. The logo Mr. Saladino rendered for Terra on the cover of The New Teen Titans 30, became her logo in Who’s Who. A few Legionnaires got logos of their own in the same way I think.

  2. Lawrence McKenna


    I just recently ordered a nearly full Ragman run (I couldn’t find issue #143 of Robin; but I think it’ll be easy enough to get at my local comic stores), and it was serendipity seeing Gaspar’s Ragman logo. Do you know if it was ever used? Do you know who created all the Ragman logos, and is there every an index or any kind of reference work that readers can go to to find such things out?

    Much thanks,

  3. Todd Post author

    I’m pretty sure Gaspar did the letter outlines of the Ragman logo, and Jack Adler probably did the photographed cloth scraps in the letters, perhaps supplied by Joe Kubert. The one in this post was either for a house ad or a cover, I don’t know which, and I don’t have any idea what cover, sorry.

    There is no comprehensive logo index. I have a yearly index of my own logos HERE, there’s a list of logos by Alex Jay HERE, and Comicraft has all their logos on their site. Other logo creators have some samples on their sites, but no complete list, as far as I know. (Rian Hughes may have a complete list on his Device website, it’s hard to tell.)

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