Championship Sand Sculpting, Atlantic City 2013 Part 1


All photos © Todd Klein.

The annual World Championship of Sand Sculpting has been going on this week on the beach in Atlantic City, next to the Pier Shops in front of Caesar’s casino, from where this shot was taken. We’ve been reading about it in the paper, and we both love sand sculpture (you can find some of ours in the “Sand Sculpture” topic on this blog’s sidebar) and wanted to go, but it’s been a crazy-busy week, so I didn’t think we’d have time. Finally, yesterday afternoon, Ellen said, “Let’s go now and have dinner there afterward,” and we did.


The first thing you see as you approach the beach entrance from the boardwalk is this small “teaser” sculpture. And how great that it’s free! Not much else is in Atlantic City.


Ellen approaches the entrance.


The official rules are on a sign as you enter. Solo sculptures had been done earlier in the week and awarded prizes, the Duo or team sculptures were underway Saturday, and would be finished and judged today, Sunday.


Another sample of sorts, larger, and with nice lettering.


Part of the Atlantic City sampler sculpture, not part of the contest I think, and created by several sculptors.


Excellent lettering on this faux postcard! Wish I knew how to do that in sand…


Monopoly, long associated with AC…


…as is Mr. Peanut.


More of the AC sampler with the city’s newest motto, “Do AC.”


The solo sculptures were next, and there had been rain since they were finished, so some were damaged, like this “thinker.” All part of the sand sculpture game.


Others like this one titled “Amazon’s Pet” looked to be in better shape, and may have been repaired by the sculptors after the rain.


This was the first place winner, and I think my own favorite of the Solos.


“Amazon’s Pet” detail.


Second place went to this more abstract piece of a reclining woman broken into sections.


A creepy bat head.


I think this one is meant to be a dig at the beauty industry.


Part of a crazy wild sculpture on the theme of “Don’t Smoke!” That vertical split is amazing. Somewhat rain damaged at the bottom.


Eve and the Apple is another one I liked.


Another nice one of a woman playing a lyre.

There are just too many good photos from the event for one blog post, so I’m going to have the rest here tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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