Christmas Lights, a Cat Pic, and a Bit of Dialogue

It’s finally starting to feel like winter around here, though not so much today. Still a little cold for the cats on the porch, so they get their birdwatching in through the sliding door in my studio.

Our outside Christmas decorations are minimal, but I do like to have a few lights up and some artificial garlands with red bows under the windows. I’d been using those icicle lights the last few years, but when I got them out today they were a tangled mess, and some of the bulbs were coming apart, so I scrapped the lot and bought these blue LED lights to run along the front eaves instead. We also use electric candle lights in the windows, the kind that have a light sensor so you don’t have to turn them on and off. My goal is always to have something out there I can put up and take down inside two hours. We have neighbors that go all out, more power to them. For me, I’m happy with this.

And a nice wreath made with fresh greens is always a good addition, here on the new front door we had installed last month. Quite happy with it, and also happy not to have Ellen complaining about the old one, which hadn’t shut right for years.

Ellen, on seeing the wreath: “Did you put a nail hole in our new door?”

Me, doing my best Oliver Hardy: “I certainly did, dear.”

Ellen rolls eyes.

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