Christmas Trains

You may recall I wrote here a few weeks ago about a train set Ellen and I hoped to set up this Christmas at her sister Ann’s house. The trains, and the houses and other accessories were bought by her dad in Germany when the family was stationed there in the 1950s. The trains are made by Fleishmann, and it’s HO gauge, so quite small, but very well made. After Ellen had this idea at Thanksgiving, we got the trains out of their box (they’ve been in it for about 40 years) and tried them out at our house. They needed oiling, but we ascertained they did work, so we brought them up to Ann’s and here they are. Dave set up a plywood board on saw horses, Zach painted it white, and Ann, Ellen and I set things up last night and this morning.

Ann and Ellen enjoyed this trip down memory lane, their father set them up every Christmas for many years.

This is the large steam engine.

Here’s the diesel engine, which runs, but we weren’t able to get it well lubricated, so it squeaks a lot. We’re keeping it on a siding.

The small steam engine is a real work horse and both pulls the best and runs the fastest.

Here’s Ellen enjoying running the trains. Later I managed to hook up some street lights, we’ll see how they look this evening. It’s a fine train set, probably worth a good deal of money, but worth more in memories to Ann and Ellen.

If you’re on Facebook, you can see the trains running HERE.


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