Cutting a Christmas Tree


We’re at Ellen’s sister Ann’s house for Thanksgiving weekend. We had a fine turkey dinner Thursday, lots of leftovers yesterday, and today we went out to find a Christmas tree at the farm of Ann’s son Zach’s friend Adam. Adam had visited us last summer, so it was nice to see him again, and we were happy to support his family business. Ellen and Ann are above, it’s cold here in the frozen north of New Jersey!


“What about that one?” “This one over here is nice.” “That one is too tall.” “This one is no good, it has a double trunk.” “I found the perfect tree!” This went on for some time.


We finally settled on the perfect tree, a Concolor, which I’ve never heard of, but it looks and smells good. Zach got the saw, and cut the tree trunk close to the ground while his father Dave and Ann held the tree.


Dave and Zach carried the tree down to their car, while Ellen took a picture. It was a fun thing to do. We used to get a fresh cut tree ourselves, but stopped putting any tree up once we got Tigger and Leo. We knew they’d climb it, and really we rarely have guests at Christmas, so we finally decided it wasn’t worth the work.

At the road they wrapped the tree and put it in the trunk of the car. We had a nice chat with Adam and his family while enjoying free hot cider and cookies, then headed home. If you’re in northwestern New Jersey, we can highly recommend Adam’s Christmas tree farm, any tree for $35. It’s Hidden Springs Christmas Tree Farm, the link is to their Facebook page, open weekends 10-4.

We’ll be heading home soon, but it’s been a fun weekend with Ellen’s family.

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