Dick Giordano remembered

I can’t say I knew him well, but I worked with Dick for several years when I was on staff at DC, and he was always kind and friendly and helpful. I often saw him helping and giving advice to other artists, too, even though it wasn’t part of his job. I worked directly for Dick only a few times, doing backgrounds on some of the first DC Style Guide pages over Garcia-Lopez, for example (mainly the logos the Jose had pencilled in), and he was always great about that too, quick to pay and happy to give suggestions about how to make things look better. Whenever I ran into he and Pat Bastienne at the San Diego con, they were always glad to see me and wanted to know what I was doing in the business. I got a call from Pat last year, I think it was, asking if I could do hand-lettering on a commissioned cover Dick was working on, and I said I’d be glad to, but I never heard any more, so perhaps that commission went elsewhere, I don’t know. Whenever he inked something, he improved it, and that’s not something one can say about every inker. I’m sure the tributes and remembrances by those who knew him better are forthcoming, so I’ll keep this short, but I liked Dick a lot, and will always remember him fondly.

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