Down and Up at The Borgata

I haven’t had time to play poker in Atlantic City in months, but finally did today. I decided to play at The Borgata, after checking their website, since they had a $50 tournament this morning. Last time I played a tournament there on Sunday morning it was $120. It’s a new format with two rebuys allowed in the first six levels. I did well in the first hour, doubling my stack, coasted through the second hour, and gradually crashed and got knocked out in the third hour, about halfway through. Too late to rebuy, and I had about an hour left before I needed to leave for home, so I played in a 1-2 No LImit cash game for that hour. I sat down at a new table, so all the chip stacks were about even. I had $200 in chips in front of me. About three hands in I was dealt Jack King, not suited, and called the $20 raise by another player. The flop showed two Jacks, giving me three, or trip Jacks, a pretty nice hand. One player bet $25, another went all in for about $50. I went along for this and another round of large bets until all the community cards were out. At that point there were three spades on the board, making a spade flush possible, but otherwise I thought my hand should be good. I called another bet of $25 from my dwindling stack of chips. The all-in player turned over a pair of aces, a losing hand. I asked the other better, “Do you have the flush?” He turned over Jack Nine instead, and I showed the winner, collecting about four hundred dollars (including most of my own $200 in chips)! Not a bad way to start, and if I were smart I would have left the table then, but as usual I stayed to play out my time and lost some the winnings back. I came home $107 ahead for the day, though, which is fine, lots better than losing!

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