Easter Eggs 2015


We’re at Ellen’s sister Ann’s home in way northern New Jersey for our annual Easter visit, and continuing the tradition of many years, yesterday afternoon we colored Easter eggs in a variety of unusual ways. This is a competition of sorts that we enjoy, and a creative activity, too. This year the egg decorators were Ann, Ellen, Zack, Ina, Todd and Tim. We each decorated about six eggs, so three dozen eggs total. I was having so much fun, I neglected to take any pictures during the decorating this year, but I’ll link to some past examples at the end of this post.


When the decorating was finished, and after we had dinner, our judge, Dave, had to pick winners in a variety of categories. Here he is contemplating with Zack looking on.


Here are the winners. I think you can read the categories, with the bottom two being Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice (voted by the rest of us). Everyone had at least one winner. It’s not really about that, but it adds to the fun.


Here are the eggs that didn’t get chosen, lots of nice ones here, too.



Some close ups of the eggs I liked best, so you can see the details better. And here are some links to past years’ eggs and process.

In 2014 I asked blog readers to vote, and HERE are the winners.

I don’t think we colored eggs in 2013, but HERE are the ones from 2012.

2011 is HERE, with some process shown.

2010 is HERE, also with some process.

2009’s blog post has the most process information, including some step-by-step instructions HERE.  If you’d like to try it, this is a good place to start!

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