Easter Eggstravaganza 2011

An annual tradition of the last few years is for Ellen and I to join her sister Ann and family to color Easter eggs the day before, and we had lots of fun doing it this year. We began with four Paas egg coloring sets and several dozen hard-boiled eggs, added tools and utensils we like such as Scotch Magic Tape, scissors to cut it, Q-tips, Paper towels, the wax crayons that come with the Paas sets, and a few new things.

I brought some rubber bands to make stripes, and everyone tried that. Ann thought the colors weren’t bright enough, and brought out bottles of food coloring, which everyone but me found useful. I planned to take more process pictures, but as usual, once I got started coloring it was too absorbing, and I forgot about that! Plus, I take the longest, and everyone is always remarking on that, so I do feel a certain amount of pressure to keep working.

This is the way the table looked about four hours later, when coloring was nearly finished, Ellen and Ann are doing final touches.

And here are all the finished eggs.

Ann’s husband Dave, and Dave’s son Josh did the judging this year, picking out 15 favorites to match categories we all suggested.

Here are all the winners. Everyone who colored eggs (Ann, Cristina, Ellen, Zach and I) had some chosen, Ann the most with six. Three were mine.

Here are a few of the winners closer, you can see that the categories range from the obvious to wacky, just like the eggs.

This one made good use of the red food coloring, and we thought it looked like a starscape, too.

This one by Ann was my personal favorite, again using the red and green food coloring on top of traditional colors. I love the contrasting colors.

This one has great textures, we’re not quite sure how they were achieved, sometimes things just happen fortuitously.

Most Colorful looks even brighter in real life, and Funniest was by far the darkest, and earned that award because some thought it looked rather like a giant rabbit poop. Ann polished it with olive oil, which only enhanced the idea…

One more look at some of the other eggs not chosen, as well as some that did. Tomorrow we’ll eat some of these as part of Easter feasting, and they’ll all be gone in a week or so, either eaten plain with a bit of salt, with some vinegar (the German tradition) or chopped and mixed with mayonnaise to make egg salad. Ellen and I will bring some to my brother’s house when we visit there tomorrow, too. You can see pictures of eggs from last year and 2009 at those links. It’s a good and creative tradition.

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