End of May

RosesPhotos © Todd Klein

I’m always a little sad to see the end of May, my favorite month, but this year it was a hectic one, and I’m looking forward to June. More flowers are blooming in the yard, these Roses are doing quite well.

HoneysuckleThe Trumpet Honeysuckle is elderly and nearly dead, but still putting out a few clusters of blossoms that the hummingbirds love.

PansiesThese pansies were the first annuals I planted, at the end of April, and they’re still looking good. When it gets hot they’ll probably need to be replaced.

BegoniasAll the annuals I put in last weekend are doing well, like these pink Begonias. Of course, I have to water them, we’ve had very little rain for the last two months.

LeoThe cats were each relaxing in their own way this afternoon, Leo in a sunny corner of the porch…

Tigger…and Tigger on our bed upstairs. We relaxed, too. I finished a book I’ve been enjoying all week, played my guitar a little, and rocked on the porch, where Ellen was doing some scrap-booking after a small watercolor. A good day, lovely weather, and on we go to June!

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