Entertaining Kittens


It’s a very rainy Saturday afternoon. The house cleaning is done, which kept the cats busy this morning either running away (from the vacuum) or following closely (the mop and duster). Now things are boring again, and Tigger is chewing on the guitar case handle, not a good thing. I take the camera and put a ping-pong ball in my pocket, then the kittens and I go upstairs. I have an idea. I’ve been trying all week to get pictures of them chasing the ping-pong ball in the downstairs bathtub, a game that often keeps them entertained for a while, but every time I try, they find me and the camera more interesting. So, I’ll take them to the larger tub upstairs, maybe that will work.


Leo does chase the ball some, but not with enthusiasm. I guess they’re tired of the game.


Tigger keeps looking up instead, not really interested in the ping-pong ball. He’s listening to and watching the rain falling on the skylight. Tigger is fascinated by water, and every time either of us takes a shower, he’s waiting outside afterward. He jumps into the wet shower and plays with the water drops running down the sides.


This gives me an idea. I turn the cold water on a little in the tub. That gets their attention.


Leo jumps in to have a closer look, but the bottom of the tub is now wet and slippery, and he slides right under the water stream! Then he’s frantic, trying to get out, and unable to, constantly sliding back to the middle. This is so funny that I can’t stop laughing…


…snapping two quick pictures before I can grab the wet kitten and pull him out. Ellen comes in at this point and berates me for torturing poor Leo, saying he’ll be traumatized. I tell her he did it to himself, but am now sorry I didn’t act quicker to get him out. It was just so funny…


Ellen dries Leo off on the sink, comforting him, then gives him a hug.


I’ve turned the water off, and Tigger now jumps in to get his feet wet. He manages much better, since he doesn’t panic, and gets in and out without much fuss.


Leo spends the next five minutes washing all that nasty water off and replacing it with his own saliva. He’s fine, and doesn’t hold a grudge. He may not venture into the big tub again, though. At least for a while we all got some entertainment.

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