Exactly one week from now…

Do you know where you’ll be? I do. I’ll be in Belleplain State Forest on about my 15th straight hour of birding. I’ll be staggeringly tired, as well as bug-bit, bleary-eyed, and sunburned, wind-blown or soggy, depending on the weather. I’ll be with the CMBO Century Run Team doing the 2012 World Series of Birding, desperately seeking a few more species to increase our tally and raise more money for nature conservation, research and education.

If you enjoy this blog please consider pledging your support to my effort. Last year we tallied 118 species, but a more average number is 140. A pledge of 10 cents per species would mean a donation of about $14. For that you’ll get a signed comic I lettered (my choice). If you pledge 50 cents per species, for a donation of about $70, I’ll mail you any one of my signed prints. For $1 per species you’ll get two.

I do have some repeat pledgers, but it would be great to have a few new ones. How about you? Email me if you’d like to join us.

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