Fifteen fonts I’ve created.

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of this blog, which began July 3, 2007. Last year at this time I posted that my blog word count had reached 1,646,280 words. Today it’s at 1,902,350 words, which means I’ve added 256,070 words in the past 12 months, though some of those are unpublished, as I work well ahead on my Gaspar Saladino posts. Writing those has become one of my main occupations now that I’m mostly retired from freelance lettering, I work on one nearly every day, either doing research or writing. I enjoy doing it, obviously, and I hope some of you enjoy reading them, as well as the book reviews and other things I put up. It looks like my Gaspar Saladino research will probably continue at least the rest of this year, and possibly into the next, not sure what I will write about after that. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow with a new post!

3 thoughts on “FIFTEEN

  1. Mic Cicerone

    Many thanks, Todd – love your ongoing overview of Gaspar’s work, especially learning how much cover lettering he was producing in the 80s and how contemporary it all was; I had long assumed that was actually your work, putting a modern spin on his style :)

  2. Roy

    Hi, Todd!
    I don’t check your blog regularly. Mostly when I’m in a mood to read about logos. Thst might be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever typed. Anyway, congrats on the anniversary. Keep it going.

    Also, I just finished watching the Sandman on Netflix. As much as I enjoyed it, there wasn’t really a way to pay tribute to the comic series letterer. Your contributions really made the series unique.

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