Florida Notes: More Wildlife


Hooded Merganser, with hood displayed, a tough shot to get, as they usually keep it folded down. From Viera Wetlands.


A yearling alligator, about 18 inches long. Cute but dangerous! From Merritt Island information center boardwalk.


An armadillo by the roadside on Merritt Island. Cute, but not too bright. Isn’t afraid of humans.


Royal Tern, Canaveral National Seashore, within sight of the Shuttle launchpads, but from the north side.


Manatee, endangered mammal, from the Manatee Viewing Area, Merritt Island. We scoffed, but we pulled in, walked to the viewing platform, and there it was.


An apparent white bird convention near the Scrub Trail, Merritt Island, with many White Pelicans. Some pink birds, too.


Florida Scrub Jay, an endangered species. Note ankle bands. We saw four or five on Merritt Island.

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