Fourteen Years

This blog is that many years old today, begun in 2007 soon after I designed my own website and put it online. If you’ve been a long-time reader, you might recall a few years ago I claimed to have written over 3 million words here, but I never trusted that number, which came from a word-count plug-in. A few days ago I installed a new word-count plug-in which gave me a total of 1,646,280 words as of yesterday. That sounds more possible, and is probably right.

I’ve been writing a lot here in the past year, mostly research on letterer Ira Schnapp, and the new plug-in counts 207,382 words from last July 4 to yesterday. A few novels worth. My final Ira Schnapp post for the foreseeable future will be going up next Tuesday, July 6th. It’s a summary of all my Schnapp career research, and is my longest post ever at over 15,000 words.

Some years I’ve added little new content here other than book reviews, but a combination of being mostly retired now, and the pandemic, allowed me the time and gave me the interest in researching and writing about comics and lettering history, and I expect that will continue, but not right away. I’ll need a while to do research and write more. Meanwhile, thanks for reading, and I hope we will long continue to meet here.

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