Frabulous Scrabulous

I have a new online addiction. A few months ago I read about a website where you can play Scrabble online. Scrabble was my favorite game for many years, until the attraction of Texas Hold-’em Poker dropped it to second place, so I put off visiting the site, knowing I’d probably get sucked in. Had some rare spare time this past weekend, so I decided to check out Scrabulous, and I was right. I am hooked.

It works like one of the better online poker sites in that you can play in real time with real opponents from all over the world without downoading anything to your computer. The site is a little slow at times, but generally works fine with my high-speed cable modem. Other options are available for those with slower connections or less time.

Players are rated in points, which go up and down based on your wins and losses. Games are timed, something I’m not used to. The most common time seems to be 10 minutes for each player to complete all their plays, and the countdown clock is my worst enemy. I’m used to having lots of time to think about my play. It does add some extra excitement, though, and I’m starting to like it.

I lost my first four games, which put me at a point rating of about 1200, then won the next seven games, which got me up to about 1500. That seems to be my level of ability at this point. I can usually beat players with scores under 1400, and have been obliterated by players over 1600. I’m hoping to improve, but really, it’s just fun to play. I’ve been playing Scrabble against a computer version on my home machine for some years, but got bored with that. This is much better.

So, whenever I find a spare 20 minutes, I’m liable to be on Scrabulous. If you like word games, give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Frabulous Scrabulous

  1. Tim

    Oh, you letterers, with your 20 minutes to spare. If I had all that time on my hands, I think I’d want a break from the alphabet.

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