Friends and Fall Colors


Images © Todd Klein.

My good friend Tim (since grade school) is visiting this weekend, and today as the skies cleared and the rain of last night evaporated, we went for a walk to enjoy the fall colors and comfortable temperature of the day. Here’s Ellen and Tim walking down Jake’s Landing Road.


Lots of great color all around at Jake’s.


As we walked out into the marsh toward the road’s end, this small red cedar tree was abundantly full of new berries, which some birds will eat and enjoy.


The road ends at a channel where one can launch a small boat, and the sky was lovely.


Walking back toward the forest from the marsh.


The trees closest to the marsh were very colorful.


Next we drove a short distance to Belleplain State Forest where we walked a trail along the edge of Lake Nummy, among other spots.


I love oak leaves like this where the veins are highlighted by different colors.


But if you want real foliage drama, it’s hard to beat a maple tree in a sunny location, like this one.


Orange, anyone?

We’re having a great time with Tim here and the weather and scenery only enhance that.

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