Nature study can be rewarding, but also at times embarrassing. As the saying goes, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Here’s the large Bullfrog now appearing daily in our pond, performing his low, croaking CALL every few hours or so. Last weekend I wrote about this other, smaller frog in the pond, calling it a Green Frog:

Green Frog

Yes, it’s a lot smaller, but I’m now thinking it’s just an immature Bullfrog…and that all the frogs we’ve had in our pond since we installed it about seven years ago have been Bullfrogs. Why? Because I had a listen to the CALL of the Green Frog, the twanging rubber band call I’ve often heard in my life, and realized I’d not heard that call from our pond, this year, perhaps ever.

The two frogs are both highly variable in color, but otherwise look quite similar. The Green Frog has more of a ridged back, but that’s not always obvious. A mature Green Frog typically reaches a length of four inches, sitting. A mature Bullfrog is larger, at least 6 inches, sometimes up to 8 inches. But if we had a mature Green Frog here, surely we’d hear it call once in a while, so I must conclude I’ve been wrong about that for years, they’ve all been Bullfrogs. That’s nature for you — there’s always more to learn.

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