Fun with Google

Don’t have much time today, still working hard, nor did I have any real topic, so I just spent a few moments playing with Google Images. A search for “comics lettering” brings this image from my site up first:


with two more images from my site on the first page.

Searching “comic book lettering” has two of the same images on the first page, but not in the the first five.

Searching “comics logo” has this one of mine, from my site first:


An odd choice, but there you go. Searching “comic book logo” has two images from my site on the first page, but not near the top.

Searching “lettering” has this wonderful image first:


which displays fonts created by Daniel Reeve for the “Lord of the Rings” films from New LIne Cinema, and probably copyrighted by them. Wonderful work! His site is here, and it looks like a good one to explore.

One thought on “Fun with Google

  1. Nate Piekos

    What gorgeous lettering. It’s one of my great dreams to disappear from the world for a year and study proper calligraphy as if it were a secret, ancient martial art. Mountain top. an old set of brushes. An old cabin. And a zen master to whip me into shape.


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