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Thanks for the overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive response to the announced print Neil and I are doing. Well, he’s done his part for now, and I’m working on mine. The paper arrived yesterday, and I’ve already printed some and begun painting. I plan to do a series of blog entries detailing the entire process, probably one per week, and I’ll try to get started on that soon.

My “first notified” mailing list has grown by leaps and bounds, with over 200 new addresses in the past two days. I won’t have anything to tell you by email that you can’t read on this blog for a while, but when the time comes, all the ordering information will come first to those of you who’ve signed up. If you haven’t yet and want to, click the CONTACT link on the sidebar, then the EMAIL ME link on that page to do so.

It’s going to be a very interesting sale. There’s a commercial where a small company is launching a new web-commerce site, and you see an on-screen counter of incoming sales. At first it’s at zero. Then it flips to 12 or something, and everyone cheers. Then it zips up to 123 and a few people gasp. Then it goes to many thousands, and there’s a stunned silence, as the announcer tells you how company X can help you be prepared for the new business model. That’s sort of the way I felt when I put the Alan Moore first printing on sale last December and all 500 copies sold out in less than three days. Stunned. Just opening the emails to see how many were sold became a major effort.

I expect this one will be the same, if not moreso, from your enthusiasm. But that’s not a bad thing! I’m a lot better at handling orders now, I’ve had to learn to be. And seeing that Paypal balance grow certainly helps! So, when ordering time comes, I’ll be ready. And I’ll make sure you are too.

One thought on “Gaiman print update

  1. Louise Fairbairn

    Hello Todd,
    Thanks for being generally great, and specifically thanks for this collaboration with NG – this print is going to be amazing and I’m dying to get my hands on it! However, for those of us with only web email addresses, how do I get my name on the advance notice list?
    Much thanks for your time (& art),

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