This weekend I’m planting annuals. I’m about two weeks behind schedule due to our California trip, I usually do this Memorial Day weekend. The hardest part is prepping the large flower beds that surround the perennial garden in the front yard. I prepped this bed in mid-May, but that was as far as I got, and in the meantime, all the weeds grew back, so I had to weed and rake it out again.

Here it is all prepped.

And planted with Impatiens, the annual that does best in our yard, and therefore the one I use most. I did also put in some Lobelias, Verbena and Begonias. Got most of the planting done, I still have eight New Guinea Impatiens to place in pots and planters in the backyard tomorrow, and then I need to mulch everything. I might hold off on that until next weekend, we’ll see.

During the week I took a few photos of what’s blooming in the yard now. These are all perennials, starting with Trumpet Honeysuckle.

Dianthus. I love the color of these, but I just had to pull out many of them because they had overgrown their planters and were no longer blooming well. This one stayed.

In the pond it’s Water Lily time again. This is the first bloom, last year we had about five I think.

Bet you’d never guess what these tiny weedlike flowers are. It’s Parsley! I left a pot of it out last summer hoping to attract Black Swallowtail Butterflies to lay their eggs on it, and then enjoy the caterpillars and perhaps more butterflies, but I had no takers. I left it out all winter, and this spring it came back strong and is blooming profusely. There are some small beetles enjoying the flowers.

Spiderwort, though this picture doesn’t really capture the almost flourescent blue glow of the flowers.

The roses out front are doing well.

The first Buddleia or Butterfly Bush bloom has just opened, haven’t seen any butterflies on it yet.

The Day Lilies are out, each flower open for just one day.

And as I walk around my own private Eden, I have to remember to watch out for the occasional snake in the grass, like this young Garter Snake the cats and I enjoyed watching one day. The mosquitoes are out now, too. But we still enjoy our yard all the same.

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